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Custom Removal Solution

Custom Removal Solution

Create the donation solution that fits your specific needs today with the Relieve Custom donation solution. Unlock the potential environmental impact of your corporate furniture to it's fullest by letting Relieve take care of the tasks you either don't have the time or ability to do, ensuring that your donation maximises it's carbon impact. Either pick and choose from our offered services below, or speak to a member of our team and we'll create a package that is right for you. Make your next office move painless and impactful by joining the sustainable furniture movement today.

100% green removals
taken care for you

Available services

Inventory Creation

A member of the Relieve team will come to your premises to organise, itemise, detail and describe all items you wish to remove to make sure they're ready to be uploaded to the Relieve platform.


A professional photographer will come to take on average 5-6 photographs of each item, and will do any retouching necessary to give you items their best chance on being collected and repurposed.


Interested in keeping your items, but they are a little damaged or malfunctioning? We can help. We work with certified partners to source spare parts or fix any damage so your items are as good as new.


If your items are in perfect working condition, but have been well used, our cleaning package will bring them back to life. Receive industrial cleaning of all items you wish to remove. Cleaning of hard and soft surfaces and even carpet.

Digital Management

Our internal team will handle all the digital admin and setup for your donation. Creating your campaign, entering in all your available pickup dates and times, and thoroughly describing your location and it's access. Our team will also manage it over time, informing you of all you need to know.

Employee Portal

A custom, branded and private portal exclusively for your employees. Your employees will receive an email with their access code and the private url to ensure they get first access to their own items.

100% Collection guarantee

If after the campaign is completed, not all of your items found a second home, we will ensure that all remaining items are collected and handled ethically and responsibly, guaranteeing that your space is empty by a date of your choosing.

Responsible recycling

For all items that we deem unable to repurpose, we arrange proper and responsible recycling. Making sure that whatever parts can be reused do get reused, and that any waste is managed properly.

Collection Management

A member of the team can be on site to handle all arriving collectors and be the point of contact incase collectors have issues arriving or gaining access.

Customer Service

A dedicated member of the Relieve team will handle all queries and concerns potential beneficiaries, or even yourself, have to make sure everything is a streamline as possible

On-site contact person

Nominate a member of the Relieve team to be the contact person for your campaign. They will receive all emails and calls from arriving collectors and provide them with any information or help necessary.

Carbon Report

On completion of your campaign, we provide you with a fully certified and detailed report outlining explicitly the carbon impact of your donation.


Contact a member of the Relieve team to create your perfect package.