Connecting surplus office furniture 

to Charities and Schools


More than just a connecting platform

A new way to provide a "second life" to surplus office furniture 

Connecting Charities and Schools to key infrastructure

at hugely discounted prices

A cleaner and more sustainable way - cutting resource waste through initiative recycling

At Relieve we offer businesses the ability to turn wasted infrastructure and office supplies into positive impact.  We work with companies to identify surplus goods which often need to be swiftly cleared from soon-to-be vacated offices and post these items on our platform.  Our network of registered charities and schools are then able to acquire what they need, at a predetermined date and time, by following a simple five-step process.

A simple five step process


We prepare the inventory with the donating business.

Agree stock-release dates, pick-up location(s) and other key information

Shout Out

Updates including "go live" dates for available stock circulated by email to our registered charity/school network


Pick-up T&Cs reconfirmed. 

Booking and fee payment made via the platform


Booking Report provided by Relieve to all parties.


Pick-up contact introduced with key 'on-the-day' information.

Unique ID code presented at collection.

Help connect charities & schools to key infrastructure at an affordable price

Translate the "second life" philosophy into tangible action - align your business with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Objectives

Remove unnecessary logistics and warehousing expenses

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