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Buyer Documentation


If you see an item that you like and aren’t ready to purchase straight away, then you can save it to your account for future reference using our wishlist feature. 

To add an item to your wishlist, simply select the quantity you’d like and click the blue heart button underneath the desired item on any category or collection page. A tooltip will popup when you hover over the button informing you to add to wishlist

You can accrue items within your wishlist over time, and when ready to purchase, can checkout all items at once using the “Checkout Wishlist” button at the top of the page.

How can I share my wishlist internally for review?

You can also use the wishlist feature to produce an inventory sheet that you can share easily, whether it be internally or with clients. The sheet will include images, quantities, prices and descriptions of all items. 

To create an inventory sheet from your wishlist, simply add the desired items to your wishlist and click the “Export Wishlist” button at the top right of the page. A pdf will be automatically generated and downloaded to your computer.


Items will only stay in your wishlist so long as they are still available, and the campaign that they are from hasn’t yet ended.


When a certain company has decided to recycle their office furniture through the Relieve platform, they do so via a removal campaign. This campaign then appears on the Relieve marketplace for you to browse and purchase.

The campaign contains all the important information that you as a beneficiary need to know when purchasing items from the marketplace. Namely:

  1. Which company the items are being purchased from
  2. How long the items can remain available on the marketplace
  3. The available dates you can choose to arrive to collect the items
  4. Where the items are located
  5. How to access the location and items within the location
  6. Who to call if you have an issue at the pickup location

A campaign can only be attributed to one pickup location and set of dates only. Meaning that all items within a specific campaign will have the same location and availability. But a donating company can create as many removal campaigns as they need, so the situation might arise where the same company might have more than one active campaign on the marketplace.

Days Left

Because all items on the Relive marketplace are part of a removal campaign, and every campaign has an end date specified by the donating company, the items will only be available for purchase whilst the campaign is active.

Once the campaign has ended, the items themselves will be removed from the platform.

To know when a campaign will end, and how long you have to purchase an item before it is gone, the amount of days left on the platform are displayed in a grey box on the top right of every item image when viewing the item in a category or collection page.


If you are searching for specific products in specific quantities, or have a certain project in mind, then why not let a member of the Relieve team help you find the perfect items for you, at no extra cost to you.

After a quick consultation with a specialized member of our team, they will start to compile a curated list of items that match your search criteria and your needs and will send them to you for you to review.

Our customer consultants can suggest products that are currently available on the marketplace, but have access to our catalog of unreleased upcoming items that aren’t visible on the marketplace yet. If these items are a good fit for you, we will reserve them for you until they are available to purchase.

Our customer consultants can also work with you to arrange delivery of your chosen items to a location of your choosing.

To get started and be matched to a Relieve customer consultant, click the button below to send us an email. Be sure to include your name, a brief description of your project or items you are searching for, and preferably a phone number to contact you on and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Pickup Dates

When checking out your order on the Relieve marketplace, you will be asked to select a date, and a time within the day that is convenient for you to arrive to collect your items.

The dates and times are provided by the donating company which are convenient for them to accept arriving collectors. Once a pickup slot is full, it will be removed from selection.

If there are no dates or times that are available, please pick any available time slot and contact us and we can help you find a time and date with the donating company that is convenient for both of you.

Why do I need to pick two different pickup dates?

If you are purchasing items that are from two different campaigns, they will be located in two different pickup locations and will therefore need two different pickup dates and times to be selected.


You will be expected at the pickup location at the date and time you selected when checking out your order. You will be reminded by email two days prior to your chosen pickup date. In preparation of your collection, here are some points to consider and potentially plan beforehand


Make sure that the vehicle you arrive with has enough space to fit all the items in your order. 

Locating your items

Please refer to the pickup instruction pdf that is included in your order confirmation. The pdf will include all information you need to know about where your items are located and how to access the location. It will also include the contact details of the campaign contact person incase you have any issues.


Collecting your items and loading them into your vehicle is your responsibility. There will be no one from the donating company there to help you carry or load items throughout the pickup location and into your vehicle. Please be sure to arrive with as much help as you need to be able to pickup your items yourself.


In most cases, the items you will arrive to collect will be in their original state and not dismantled. If you wish to dismantle the items to help fit them into your vehicle then you may do so, but you must bring sufficient equipment and tools to do so by yourself.

Furthermore, if your items are dispersed throughout the pickup location (which will be indicated in your pickup instructions pdf) then no trolley will be provided for you, you must bring one with you if you wish to use one.

Pickup Locations

A pickup location is the location where your items will be. In most cases, the pickup location is usually the office space of the donation company. 

When creating their removal campaign, the donating company will give specific details about the pickup location so you know everything in advance before you arrive to collect your items. 

The information provided is:

  1. The address: The exact address of where the items are
  2. Parking: Is there internal underground parking, or parking externally? If there is internal parking, what is the max clearance height for arriving vehicles? If there is external parking, are there dedicated loading zones for collectors or are there paid parking bays?
  3. Item locations: Are all items on the same floor or dispersed throughout the building?
  4. Truck / Van Access: Can I access the location with a truck or van?
  5. Lift: Can I access the items with a lift?
  6. Ramp access: Can I access the items via a ramp or are there some form of stars involved in the process?
  7. Contact person on site: If I have difficulty accessing or finding the items will the contact person be on site if needed?

Contact Person

If you have any difficulty locating the pickup location, or have trouble accessing the location or your items, then you can call the contact person associated to the campaign for assistance.

Their details are included in the pickup instruction pdf that is attached to your order confirmation email, and also available to download through via the order in your orders list in your account page.


If having to go and pick up your items yourself is not an option, then you can request to have your items delivered.

We work with logistic partners that can go collect your items for you, deliver them to your workspace and install them for you.

Due to the nature of our marketplace, each order is very different from the other. To provide you with an accurate invoice, on request of delivery a representative from our logistics partner will contact you to determine the specifics of your delivery and the delivery address itself. They will then send you an invoice to be paid after completion of delivery.


When paying for an order through the Relieve marketplace, you have the ability to pay in multiple ways:

  1. Credit card
    We accept all major credit cards.
  2. Sepa bank transfer
    The amount will be directly debited from your chosen bank account. Simply provide your IBAN number, name and address associated with your account
  3. Bancontact
    Pay with any valid bancontact card

If your order is over €10 000, then you will be prompted to request an invoice, which will be sent to an email address you provide. The invoice must be paid within 48 hours. 

Once your payment has been validated and processed, you will receive a confirmation email of your order, along with pickup instructions for your items. An email containing your receipt will be sent separately.


If you purchase items from more than one campaign at the same time, you will receive multiple confirmation emails. Each email will contain the items you purchased from the specific campaign, along with the pickup instructions for items in question.

Returns & Refunds

Onced purchased, an item cannot be returned and must be collected.

When you arrive to collect the item, if the item is drastically different to the one described on the marketplace, or the item has been damaged in the time since it went live for purchase you can contact us to explain the situation and request a refund.

A member of our team will asses the request, and if we deem the item damaged, faulty or in poorer quality then originally describe we will of course refund you the entire cost of the item.

To request a refund, please click the link below to send us an email.

To assist us in processing your request, please be sure to include your name, order number, a short statement of why you are requesting a refund and images of the damaged item in question