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Discover our selection of second hand professional office desk at reduced prices
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            Need expert help with furniture selection or a large project? Describe your needs, and we’ll connect you with a team member who will assist you from start to finish.
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            Circularity matters

            Creating more circular economies are essential to the future of business, and can be the key to drastically lowering corporate carbon emissions… as well as costs

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            Quality professional office desks
            Responsible consumption
            Recycling is cheaper
            Reduce your stress, your budget, your waste.
            The carbon impact of a piece of furniture including manufacturing, distribution and use can be up to 90 kg of CO2 emissions for a desk. Thanks to Relieve, ordering design or vintage desks becomes an eco-friendly alternative at a reduced price. Looking to furnish a classroom, a room, or a workspace with quality furniture? Select your ideal desk from our range of upcycled furniture, ready for a new life.
            Hand-picked professional office desks
            We check each desk from every angle before offering it for sale. Our goal? To change your mind about second-hand desks. Looking for a corner desk, a design desk or meeting tables? Find our range of durable and quality furniture in a single point of sale. So that second hand becomes the first choice.
            More vintage office desks, less waste
            It's time to say goodbye to an era where we buy as much new furniture as we throw away at the dump. Fortunately, here is a sustainable alternative that allows you to recycle perfectly good desks instead of destroying them. Professionals looking to furnish their offices now have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint with used desks.
            Recycling designer desks is economical
            If you are as concerned about saving money as you are about saving the planet, then you have come to the right place. Purchasing business desks represents a significant cost for a company. Thanks to recycling, you have access to a selection of modern or vintage desks, of better quality and cheaper than new. The circular economy finally allows professionals to limit their expenses!

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Who can buy a used desk on the Relieve marketplace?

            Relieve is an online 'marketplace' that connects donors, mainly large companies, with beneficiaries who are usually associations, schools, start-ups and SMEs looking to buy office furniture in a sustainable way.

            How do you get the equipment for sale on Relieve?

            At Relieve, we help companies identify furniture they no longer need and redistribute it to our network of associations, schools, start-ups and small businesses looking to acquire inexpensive, quality equipment.

            Why is it cheaper to buy office equipment on Relieve ?

            The selling price of office furniture put on the platform is up to five times cheaper than new equipment, because we have no storage costs. The furniture is directly collected by the beneficiaries from the donors, in a very short time due to the proximity of each.

            How to choose the right desk on Relieve ?

            On the site, we offer a wide selection of furniture classified according to their function. If you are looking for a desk, you will have the choice between simple desks, shared desks, L-shaped desks, rectangular desks with steel legs, designer desks or vintage desks, etc.

            What is the commitment of the Relieve marketplace?

            The fight against cutting down millions of trees to build new furniture while 10 million tons of used furniture are taken to landfills. Through Relieve, customers help fight waste, save money, and lead by example.

            I'm a business and I have equipment to donate. How can I do this?

            First of all, congratulations on your eco-friendly approach. The first step is to contact us via our form. You will then be able to choose your beneficiaries, share your calendar and your needs, receive the pick-up date and then welcome the beneficiary during the appointment.

            I need a carbon footprint and ESG reporting. Is this possible?

            Yes, it is. Once you have taken the step to donate office furniture to a beneficiary, you can simply apply online to receive your carbon footprint and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

            What is Relieve's model?

            The founders of Relieve are looking to build a more conscious and circular economy. They provide a marketplace platform for donors to post the office furniture they have, and for recipients to choose the furniture that suits them.

            I'm looking for wooden corner desks. Will you receive any?

            Relieve is always looking for donations of high quality office furniture. We regularly update our office furniture inventory. We invite you to check out the furniture online in case your ideal designer desk is for sale.

            Is office delivery available?

            The Relieve website is a 'marketplace' connecting donors and recipients. We do not stock the desks, but we do put you in touch with the donor. You will receive their availability to make an appointment to pick up the furniture on site.

            What are the advantages of buying a second-hand professional office?

            The second-hand professional office is a wise choice for companies that are looking to save money while ensuring they get quality furniture for their workspace. By doing so, they are helping to reduce waste and their carbon footprint.

            Can companies buy used desks for their employees?

            Yes, Relieve is aimed at a B2B audience who wish to acquire desks in a simple, quick and more sustainable way to furnish their premises. Employees can benefit from comfortable, high quality used furniture.