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Angle desks

Discover our selection of second-hand angle desks for your ideal comfort.
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            Relieve Furniture

            Circularity matters

            Creating more circular economies are essential to the future of business, and can be the key to drastically lowering corporate carbon emissions… as well as costs

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            Angle desks with a timeless design
            Reduce your carbon footprint
            Unbeatable prices compared to new
            Quality angle desks that last
            What if we reduced waste by buying good quality furniture that has already been used once in another company's premises? That's the bet we made. Getting a corner desk or an L-shaped executive desk doesn't have to mean wasting money. We are doing everything we can to democratize second-hand furniture and to get away from the over-consumption that sends millions of pieces of furniture to the waste bin after a few years of use, even if they are in perfect condition. Join the Relieve Furniture ecosystem and adopt a corner desk that can be used for many years to come.
            A cheaper executive desk is possible
            Buying a brand new executive desk can be a significant investment for a company, school or association. Some companies don't do this because they can't afford it. By buying a second-hand corner desk on the Relieve Furniture platform, you have access to quality designer office furniture at more attractive prices. The reason for these low prices? The furniture comes from the offices of generous donors. Some of them are high-end corner desks of professional quality. And we make it possible for you to buy them at an unbeatable price. So, are you ready to save money?
            Regular arrivals of designer corner desks
            Check out our selection of used designer corner desks. Practical for working and for integrating storage, it also allows you to receive your clients and partners. Choose the surface area of the desk top to accommodate one or more screens and the L-shaped corner. The desks are available from stocks of companies that no longer need them. We update the used desks regularly. If you are looking for a designer or vintage corner desk to suit all tastes, keep an eye out and be quick to secure yours! The furniture is to be collected directly from the companies that donate it.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Is the purchase of used office furniture on the Relieve marketplace only B2B?

            Yes, Relieve connects companies who want to part with used office furniture with beneficiaries such as associations, schools, start-ups, SMEs or individuals who are looking to reduce waste and acquire sustainable and cheaper furniture.

            How can I sell a used rectangular desk on Relieve?

            At Relieve, we help you select the furniture you no longer need. If you have rectangular desks you want to get rid of, we add them to the platform and allow our network of companies, schools and associations to buy them at a lower cost.

            Why the price difference on office equipment?

            At Relieve, our customers can buy office furniture for up to five times less than new equipment. This is possible because we have no storage fees. Recipients pick up the furniture directly from the donors using a simple protocol.

            I'm looking for a straight design desk on Relieve. How do I find it?

            We offer a wide range of desks. As you browse through the items, you will have the choice of single or shared desks, L-shaped desks, rectangular wooden desks, designer or vintage desks. Make your selection from a variety of colors to match your desk to your desires.

            Why did you choose second hand at Relieve ?

            Our mission was born after realizing that we cut down millions of trees to build new furniture while 10 million tons of furniture is thrown away in landfills. Through Relieve, customers help fight unnecessary waste while saving money.

            My company is moving and I have equipment to donate. How do I do this?

            The first step is to contact us via our form. You will then be able to choose your beneficiaries and share your availability. Once the purchase is confirmed, we will send you the details concerning the pick-up and all you have to do is welcome the recipient!

            How can I show my eco-responsible approach?

            On the site, under each item, we indicate the amount of CO2 saved compared to the purchase of a similar new desk. The upcycling is thus concrete from the moment you arrive on the site. Moreover, after your purchase, we provide you with a carbon footprint.

            I manage an association with little means for our offices. What can I do?

            Our commitment is to support corporate donors as well as associations, schools and companies that have less means but need office furniture. The prices at Relieve are up to 5 times cheaper than in the market, which is interesting for your structure.

            Is it possible to buy large quantities of office furniture?

            The quantities on the site are based on the inventory of our donors. Under each item, you will find the number of pieces remaining and the pick-up address. If you do not find sufficient quantities, please contact us.