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Employee Removal Solution

Employee Removal Solution

Flexible work has seen a huge spike in popularity over the past years, and for good reason. By accommodating employees’ needs and preferences, such as working from home or adjusting schedules, companies can create a happier and more motivated workforce. This move to flexible work has created a demand for at home office furniture, and a surplus of furniture at companies central offices. With the Relieve employee portal, companies have the ability to easily and sustainably manage excess items by filling the demands of their employees' home working needs.

A branded, dedicated private

portal for your employees

Employee buyback portal
Step 1

Create the inventory list

Begin by creating a list of all the items you wish to remove. To successfully offer them to your employees you need to know such things as how many of each item you have, the quality of these items, a short description and their dimensions. Along with some other small details such as age, brand and material. If you need help starting, we will happily share with you our example inventory template. Just get in touch below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Step 2

Take photos

Once you have your itinerary, the next step is to take nice photos of each item. We recommend taking images of all sides of the item, plus any features you think are important. Taking pictures can sometimes be a laborious and time consuming task, but we can assure you that providing and taking attractive pictures of your items is an incredibly important step. Good pictures can help increase conversion by up to 80%! That means far less items being wasted unnecessarily and more contributing to fighting carbon emissions.

Step 3

Provide pickup dates and times

To make collection easier for you and your facilities manager, we ask that you provide a list of dates and times where employees can arrive to pick up their chosen items. Employees are prompted to choose their collection day and time during the reservation process, and only a small, limited amount are allowed in each time bracket, avoiding bottlenecks during the collection process. During the campaign, we will be in contact with you regularly to update you on the most recent collection itinerary, so you always know who to expect and when.

Why choose employee buybacks?


First access

You guarantee that your employees have first access to their own office furniture, making sure they have the equipment they need to make their hybrid work life a success.


100% Collection Guaranteed

We can guarantee that all items you wish to get rid of are sustainably and ethically removed or recycled, and off your premises, by the date of your choosing.


ESG Compliant

Working to remove unwanted office items with Relieve is guaranteed to work towards your ESG compliancy goals. We offer carbon reports at the end of every campaign so you have the full picture on your impact.


Either signup now and follow the prompts or send us a message directly and we’ll get back to you asap

Need additional services?

Check out our Enterprise package to see a full list of services. If any interest you, we can create a tailored solution to fit your needs. Select only the services that apply to you!

  • Inventory creation
  • Photography
  • On site contact person
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery management
  • Cleaning
  • Responsible Recycling of leftover items
  • Carbon reports
  • … And many more