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Free Removal Solution

Free Removal Solution

Responsibly and sustainably recycling or removing office furniture is not easy. It’s difficult to know what’s the right thing to do with your unwanted office furniture, and when you do know it’s often times expensive for your business and your time. Enter Relieve. We give you the tools to dispose of your office furniture without letting them become a burden on the environment, completely for free.

The easiest and greenest way to
remove unwanted office items

1 Inventory

Create your inventory

Create a list of all the items you wish to remove. Photograph them, tell us how many of each you have along with a small description.
2 Campaign

Where and when

Provide a description of the item's locations. Where is it? What kind of vehicle can access your premises? Where are the items located and who will be there if I have any issues.
3 Collection

Get Ready for Pick-ups

You’ll be provided with a full rundown list of who to expect, when they will arrive (within a 30 minute window) and exactly what items they are collecting
Step 1

Create the inventory list

Begin by creating a list of all the items you wish to remove. To successfully post them to our network we need to know such things as how many of each item you have, the quality of these items, a short description and their dimensions, along with some other small details such as age, brand and material. If you need help starting, we will happily share with you our example inventory template. Just get in touch below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Step 2

Take photos

Once you have your itinerary, the next step is to take nice photos of each item. We recommend taking images of all sides of the item, plus any features you think are important. Taking pictures can sometimes be a laborious and time consuming task, but we can assure you that providing and taking attractive pictures of your items is an incredibly important step. Good pictures can help increase conversion by up to 80%! That means far less items being wasted unnecessarily and more contributing to fighting carbon emissions.

Step 3

Pickup times and location

Help the beneficiaries of your unwanted items plan and access their location easily by giving a detailed description of where they are located. What’s the address? Is there available parking? Are all the items on the same floor or dispersed around the build? Can I access the location with a truck or van? The more information you provide the smoother and easier the collection process will be for you. Furthermore, you must provide a series of dates and times that are convenient to you to receive a potential beneficiary so they can collect their items

Benefits of donating through Relieve


Positive impact

By choosing to recycle your unwanted office furniture with Relieve, you're helping grow the circular economy, which actively decreases the demand for manufacturing, dramatically decreasing carbon emissions.


Solidarity first

Even after you've chosen to get rid of your items, you still have control over what happens to them. With Relieve, you have the ability to prioritise access to non-profits, schools and even your own employees.


Avoid unnecessary costs

Logistics and removalists fees can be excessive. Especially when you have a lot of items you wish to remove. With the Relieve network you can start getting rid of your items completely for free!

Ready to go?

To get started responsibly removing your unwanted items, click below and we’ll ask you a few questions so we can assist you with your donation

Need additional services?

Check out our Enterprise package to see a full list of services. If any interest you, we can create a tailored solution to fit your needs. Select only the services that apply to you!

  • Inventory creation
  • Photography
  • On site contact person
  • Customer service
  • Delivery management
  • Cleaning
  • Responsible Recycling of leftover items
  • Carbon reports
  • … And many more