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Partner Solutions

Architecture Studios

As the climate crisis becomes an ever more present daily challenge, clients' awareness and desire for sustainable solutions is increasing as well. More and more, companies are insisting that their office furniture be sourced sustainably and responsibly, which can often be hard and time consuming to find. 

Here at Relieve, if you’re an interior designer or architecture studio who is climate and environmentally conscious, we give you the tools to be able to offer 100% sustainable and carbon free furniture for your clients next project by becoming a registered Relieve Partner. As a partner, you will have access to all furniture on our marketplace, plus access to exclusive upcoming items before they are released on the platform. 

As well as exclusive access, as a Partner we will pair you with a dedicated member of our team who will be your point of contact with us. Our team members can assist you in creating offer sheets for clients, suggesting and informing you of new and upcoming stock, and assist you if you need any help or further information on any of our services or items.

If you are interested in green furniture, and this service speaks to you, we would love to hear from you and invite you to our ever growing list of climate conscious designers. To get started, click the link below and send us an email and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

Commercial Real Estate

We understand that commercial real estate strives to deliver exceptional spaces that not only capture attention but also provide maximum functionality. At Relieve we can work with you to curate a comprehensive package of high-quality, gently-used furniture, perfect for outfitting a wide range of commercial properties, from office buildings and co-working spaces to retail stores and hospitality venues.

Whether you need furniture for existing tenants, or require the items to advertise an available space, Relieve can assist you to outfit the space with 100% sustainable furniture.

We understand the challenges of maintaining commercial spaces, and know that flexibility and adaptability are highly important, so we provide payment models that don’t lock you down. We offer subscription services so you can pay for the furniture only for when you need it. Once you’ve finished with it, we come back and collect it from you.

Coworking Spaces

Work culture has experienced a dramatic change in the past 5 years. The traditional 9-5 at a fixed office space is making way for more flexible and hybrid working arrangements, which is giving the choice to choose when they want to work and where from. 

This shift has seen the popularity of coworking spaces rise dramatically, and with it the need to furnish these spaces with quality furniture. 

At Relieve we work closely with co-working spaces to provide them with quality, attractive and highly sustainable office furniture and items for their spaces. Work spaces, reception areas, lounge areas and even cafeteria spaces, we can provide low carbon solutions for any flexible functional area.

We also offer subscription and rental payment models for all our coworking packages, removing the commitment of ownership, giving you the flexibility to update or change any of your items at any time. Maintenance is also included within our rental packages.

If you’re a new or existing coworking space and want to make sure your furniture is sustainable and climate ethical, contact us today.